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Cooking healthy




has never been so

Have you ever wanted to cook Indian food?

But found it too complicated or time consuming?

Too many onions!

East Indian cooks understand the painstaking process of cutting hundreds of onions to prepare a dish.

Too many ingredients!

Cooking Indian food can seem complicated once you make a list of spices and ingredients.

Too Many Steps!

Preparing an Indian meal can feel like a marathon once you go through all the steps.

The Solution To Indian Cooking In A Jar

Zero Chopping

You no longer have to cut a bag full of onions. India Base does all the work for you so you can spend more time enjoying your meal, sooner.

Simple Ingredients

India Base already has the essential ingredients and spices needed to make a delicious Indian dish. Just add in your favorite veggies and meats.

Simple Instructions

Make a fresh meal in less than 15 minutes using India Base by following our simple and healthy recipes.

Who is India Base for?


Away from home and don’t know how to cook mom’s food. Just follow the simple instructions and you can get a fresh meal in under 20 minutes.


For couples who both work and don’t have time to make your masala from scratch. Just throw some India Base on the stove and make a quick and healthy meal.


For the experts who have been cooking Indian food for years and are tired of spending hours chopping onions, peeling and slicing, and mincing the ginger and garlic.


For all the non-cooks out there. India Base is specifically designed for you. Within minutes you can make something delicious that couldn’t be any easier!

One Base = Thousands of Indian Dishes

100% Vegan

Cholesterol Free

Gluten Free

No Preservatives

Local Produce


What others say about india base

Everyday more people enjoy the authentic taste of India Base

  • My girlfriend and I picked up one each and I came home and threw it on for dinner. I was in a mad rush to get it on the table and this was a wonderful solution to my time crunch. I had the sauce with chickpeas like you had it at the market and for some reason it tasted even better when I got it home. I need this again!

    AmyRichmond, BC, Canada
  • Munching away thinking OMG this is so good and how happy I was that I had so much that I could eat lunch for the rest of the week. My 16 year old son comes in and says – “what smells so good” – so he eats a bowl, then another bowl. Then my 15 year old son comes in and well, the three of us, we sat around and ate the entire pot! Can you make me bigger jars?

    DebVancouver, BC, Canada
  • The soup was yummy and filling and, again, tasted different from the other two dishes somehow. How is this possible? I have no idea, but I love the versatility of India Base. It truly is “Indian food—from scratch—made easy!” Taken the guesswork out of making Indian food.

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